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Apply for Beta

We started Ubiq because we were frustrated with how complex and messy encryption was for software developers and application security engineers. So, we set the crazy goal of: Let’s reduce encryption down to 2 API calls, empowering developers to enable encryption into their apps in a matter of hours.

We’re super excited to let you know we’ve hit our goal! And we’d like to invite you to apply to our beta program, where you’ll be able to get hands on with our new API-based encryption platform – built for and by developers – designed to enable you to quickly build data encryption into any application, without requiring prior encryption knowledge or expertise.

The platform is entirely API-based, and is powered by a SaaS-based software layer that eliminates the guesswork and complexity of cryptography and encryption, through an elegant and simple dashboard.

The dashboard allows you to select from proven, best-practice encryption models and policies for all your applications in a central location, provides encryption key management and (FIPS 140-2) compliant key storage, and a complete log of key access and activity.

By being a Ubiq Beta Program Member, you’ll get early access to our platform and your feedback will influence the future course of our products. You’ll also be invited to apply to future beta programs as they become available.

Now on to a few details.

To be considered for our beta testing program, you must be willing to:

  • Provide us feedback about the platform and your experience
  • Complete an online profile (3-5 min)
  • Complete an online NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), confirming that you won’t do anything shady